George Soros has got his foot into Indian Startups and MSME business


Open Society Foundations has been focusing on India since 1999.

Open Society began working in India in 1999, initially offering scholarships and fellowships for students to pursue studies and research at Indian institutions. More than 650 students have received scholarships from Open Society Foundation to attend some of India’s top colleges and universities.

In 2014, they launched an India-specific grant-making program, supporting local organizations that work in three areas: extending access to medicine; promoting justice system reforms; and strengthening and establishing rights, public services, and community living for people with psychosocial disabilities. OSF social impact investing began in 2008, when they joined with Google, the Omidyar Network, and the Indian School of Business to create the USD $18 million SONG Fund.

OSF claims to have worked on efforts to boost income for smallholder farmers and have invested in new and more responsive agricultural supply chain companies—such as Leaf, SV Agri, and Allfresh—that give farmers better returns on their fruit and vegetable products.

As part of Open Society’s global effort to expand access to medicines, they claim to have supported groups that work to deliver free medicines in India’s public health system, improving access to medicines for over 160 million people.

George Soros’s social impact investment helped fund NeoGrowth and Capital Float, two ventures that have reportedly provided more than $300 million in innovative and affordable financing to over 40,000 small businesses, supporting employment and growth through the transformation of India’s small- and medium-enterprise sector.

The Open Society’s Soros Economic Development Fund is also an active social impact investor in India. Its goals include helping smallholder farmers and small businesses boost their incomes, and making health care, schooling, and financial services more available and affordable to a broader range of people. Since 2008, Open Society has invested over $90 million in start-up and early funding projects managed by Bangalore- based Aspada Investments. On January 19, 2021, Aspada Investments in a Series E Fund raising invested $8.3 million in Indian startup Dunzo. On December 8, 2020, it invested $40 million in the learning app Cuemath. In India they investments in 48 startup companies.

Aspada Investments has also invested in Be Well Hospitals, a chain of ten hospitals in Tamil Nadu and Kauvery Hospital in Karnataka. Aspada Investments in now rebranded as Lightrock.

OSF focus in India got a bit stunted in mid-2016 by the stern decision of the Indian government on foreign funding in NGOs. It stated on its India Report on its website, “Since mid-2016, our grant making in India has been constrained by government restrictions on our funding for local NGOs.”

The series of incidents of chaos in India post the Abrogation of Article 370 and Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 has the stamp of the global economic terrorist George Soros and Open Society Foundations.

Even the recent Farmers’ Protest in India which led to the dastardly attack on the Indian democracy on January 26th, 2021 at the Red Fort has the candid support of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Since the onset of our investigations into the murky world of Islamic radicalization and extremism; more importantly mapping of its global idealogical and financial links, I have stated that the recent anarchy India is witnessing since 2019, is linked to Islamic radical organizations and some of this Islamic radical organizations are directly linked to Open Society Foundation of global economic terrorist George Soros.

The New York Times carried an advertisement that was paid for by the Justice for Migrant Women and signed by 76 organisations claiming to be concerned farmers, activists and citizens of the world. The advertisement also carries a website –

The advertisement in the New York Times features 76 organisations. However, in the list of farmers, activists and citizens of the world is the questionable organisation – Council of American – Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Now CAIR along with Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) have been strong backers to the Stand With Kashmir global advocacy, which included billboards in the US. The aim of CAIR and ICNA is to attack the Indian government’s decision on Abrogation of Article 370 and to create global awareness on the atrocities to Muslims in Kashmir done by the Indian government through the Indian Armed Forces.

Here is what Open Society Foundation states on its India Report:

“Legal advocacy groups supported by Open Society and other international funders have played a vital role in safeguarding India’s intellectual property laws, enabling the production and marketing of generic, lower-cost versions of new lifesaving medicines.

In India, as elsewhere around the world, Open Society partners with city governments to help fund local organizations that promote community-based support models for people with disabilities.

The investments made by the our social impact capital funds have benefited more than 3.7 million people who are poor.”