What This Site Is About

Welcome to The Soros-Files. This website is a "Guide to the Soros Empire." It identifies the individuals and organizations, connected with the evil mastermind, billionaire George Soros.

Traces of this man can be found everywhere on the planet. Soros is secretly funding, or in control of, or otherwise out to undermine the United States government. He is among the top funders of Democratic candidates. He donates tons of money to Democrat-aligned organizations every election cycle.

This person has a long history of destabilizing countries by manipulation of their markets and economies. He has influenced mass immigration to the EU from the Middle East and many European countries have become homes for culture clashes, terrorist attacks, crime spikes, and inadequate law enforcement.

George Soros pushes an "open society" agenda which calls for open borders and political freedom that can easily be manipulated. Many countries are pushing back. And his methods of pushing back harder are to fund protests, riots, terrorism (domestic and not) and manipulate social media.

Our goal is to expose this harmful activity. People should know who is the real political puppet master.