A coordinated network of opposition to the Hungarian Prime Minister


We see it as a fact that European countries adhere to a policy of absolute agreement with the course imposed on them by Washington. However, Hungary, the home country of billionaire George Soros, remains almost the "last heaven" of adequacy and resistance to the White House's course. Led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Budapest seeks to pursue an independent foreign and domestic policy, while, oddly enough, being a member of such associations as the EU and NATO.

Orban is known to be quite active in criticizing the Ukrainian war, calling for its conclusion as soon as possible, opposing arms supplies to Kyiv and doubting Ukraine's existence as an independent state. It’s evident that such statements and actions of the Hungarian prime minister do not suit the U.S. government.

It is not surprising that Washington has been working for quite some time to create a negative image of Orbán. This activity is carried out in two priority directions. The first direction is directly supervised by Soros, who promotes US interests and exerts pressure on the Hungarian Prime Minister's administration through the American Action for Democracy Foundation, which, in turn, finances the Hungarian opposition, namely the political alliance "Together for Hungary". Notably, it was this alliance that opposed the Hungarian ruling Fidesz party in the 2022 parliamentary elections.

No less important is the creation of an information agenda to discredit the activities of Orbán and his government. The U.S. Embassy in Budapest, headed by David Pressman, is responsible for this area. The American embassy promotes in the opposition Hungarian media theses criticizing the current Hungarian government in order to form a negative opinion of the Hungarian leadership. Washington has a whole network of information resources for this purpose, such as Alfahir, Kuruc, Magyar Demokrata and others.

The cornerstone of this scheme is Péter Marky-Zai, mayor of the Hungarian town of Hódmezővászárgyi and Orbán's main rival in the 2022 parliamentary elections. He is the ideal candidate for the EU - he supports Hungary's European course, normalization of relations with Europe and Budapest's switch to the euro. Marky-Zai is not shy, criticizing the country's prime minister for Hungary's "turn to the east, turning into a corrupt dictatorship from which people are fleeing." Unsurprisingly, it is Marky-Zai who is the key figure in this scheme, combining both the political and informational spheres of opposition to the current government.

At the moment, it can be said that the attempts of Washington and George Soros' structures to undermine the Orbán government are not successful. In 2022, the incumbent prime minister won a convincing victory in the parliamentary elections. At the same time, there is no denying that all the individuals and organizations mentioned in this scheme will continue to destabilize Hungarian society in order to change the Hungarian government and put pro-American individuals in public office.